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We care about privacy.

Privacy-friendly analytics for everyone

We value the privacy of all internet users. We think that privacy should not be a privilege, but a matter of course.
Therefore we are not storing any personal data like IP addresses.
For more information, please read our privacy policy.

Treasure chest

Pricing that excludes nobody

2analytics is absolutely free!
We like the idea that every website owner has the opportunity to track his statistics without taking his visitors' privacy.
But although there will always be a free plan, we are currently working on a paid plan with more premium features.


Easy & fast setup

There is no need to include personalized code on any page, so the setup on each web page is the same.
The setup process also consists of only three steps and can be done within a few minutes. Find out more about the setup process:
How to use 2analytics.

Start using 2analytics for free now.

Deciding if you should start using 2analytics should be easy. Through our sophisticated techniques, our servers always stay fast and are not slowing down your website.
In addition, we offer a user-oriented dashboard for the website owners and complete privacy for everyone - and all for free!